"A Dark Season" is a song sung by Galavant, Sid, Madalena, Gareth, King Richard, Roberta and Isabella in Do the D’Dew. The song is a short reprise of "A New Season."

A Dark Season01:07

A Dark Season


Isabella: It's a dark season
And it's been all along
A grim season
There's no point in pretending

Gareth: For some reason we're still singing the song
Madalena: But this time with a d’doozy of an ending
Gareth: What just happened?
Madalena: What?
Gareth: I thought –
Madalena: Oh, look, a squirrel!

Sid: Now I must ride to…somewhere
To do something to atone

Roberta: I’ll cross the lonely sea to spend my lonely life alone
Beyond the bitter desert
In the shadow of Mount Spinster
With a bunch of stupid cats

Richard: Now, this season needs a hero
Galavant: And he's on his wa-a-a-a-y


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