"A Real Life, Happily Ever After" is a song sung by Galavant and Isabella in The One True King (To Unite Them All).

A Real Life, Happily Ever After02:29

A Real Life, Happily Ever After


Galavant: I’m finished with adventure
Tired of my sword
Those songs about my exploits
Leave me kinda bored
At last, I’ve seen the sunset
I’ve been riding toward—
A real-life happily ever after

Isabella: I’m done with all the intrigue
Sick of kicking ass
As far as seeking vengeance
Frankly, I can pass
I’m ready now for something
Of a diff ’rent class—
A real-life happily ever after

Galavant + Isabella: Screw the zombies and wizards and dragons
All the magic I need is you

Galavant: I wanted to do a real proposal. A proper ring. Well, seeing as we’re here… this will have to do. Will you, Princess Isabella Maria Lucia…
Sid: Elizabetta.
Galavant: Elizabetta of Valencia. Would you do me the greatest honor of becoming Mrs. Gary Galavant?
Isabella: Gary? Is that short for something?
Galavant: No.
Isabella: Huh. I guess I always thought your first name was Galavant.
Galavant: I’m still kneeling here…
Isabella: Oh! Of course! I’m sorry. And, oh yes, I will marry you!

A cottage by the seaside—
Galavant: With a beach to comb
Isabella: I can tend the garden
Galavant: I can write my poem
Isabella: With seven—
Galavant: Three—
Isabella: Small children—
Galavant: Journey done, we’re home
Galavant + Isabella: As epic endings go,
It’s rather small...
But it’s a real-life happily ever after
After all


"Will My Day Ever Come"
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