"I smell backstory, and I love backstory! "
—King Richard
"About Last Knight" is the sixth episode of Season 2. It aired on January 17, 2016.


Just as their travels hit a new low, Galavant, along with Richard and Roberta, stumbles upon his father, Sir Arnold Galavant. While Richard prepares for battle by training at Arnold’s knight school, Galavant learns a few things about the man who abandoned him as a child. Madalena tries to make Gareth’s birthday the best day ever, but his idea of a fun time is getting into a bar fight. Isabella returns to Hortensia and banishes Wormwood. Sid, now a wanted man in Valencia, flees to the Forest of Coincidence where he meets Wormwood. Their chance encounter sparks an evil plan. Sid stabs someone with his sword.[2]


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  • A song entitled "Your Mother Is A Whore" was rejected by ABC censors for this episode, due to ABC only allowing the word "whore" to be said twice during a given program. The song was reportedly so naughty, that it consisted almost entirely of bleeps. It would have taken place when Gareth and Madalena visit the pub for his birthday.[4][5] The demo was played for the audience that attended the Galavant panel at SF Sketchfest 2016.[6]
  • Greg Wise replaced Anthony Head as Arnold in this episode, due to Anthony's busy theater schedule.[4]
  • Originally during the early stages of writing the episode, Galavant and Arnold were going to play "Kick the Chicken" instead of "Toss Around the Cabbage."[7]
  • None of the orphans were were credited in the episode or the soundtrack album.
  • The song "He Was There" originally included references to "Annie" and "Aladdin" which had to be cut due to time constraints.
  • Wormwood's to-do lists says the following:
    • Evil To Do List
      • I. Buy green poison on sale
      • II. Mind control tiara on Princess Isabella
      • III. Snub Allen Menken Re: Emmy
      • IV. Take over kingdom - PENDING
      • V. Something with spiders
      • VI. Identify the One True King to Unite Them All
      • VII. Kill Jon Snow? [This is reference to the TV show Game of Thrones.]
      • VIII. Get cool, evil haircut
      • IX. Ask Wanda for ETA centerpieces Other plan
      • X. Rely heavily on Nielsen ratings, ignore modern world
      • XI. Find powerful ally in act three, start war
      • XII. Immigration brainstorm: guild giant wall, kick refugees
      • XIII. Teach Barry DDEW tips and tricks.
    • Wedding To Do List
      • I. Invitations
      • II. Isabella pumpkin dress
      • III. NO CHILDREN except the groom
      • IV. Order gluten free grog
      • V. Sit knights at round tables, NOT square tables
      • VI. Princess Jubilee RSVP PENDING
      • VII. More red flowers RE: color palette
      • VIII. ATTRACTIVE waitstaff this time, Berry
      • IX. Teach Harry how to read his wedding vows
      • X. Groomsmen's gifts / engrave
      • XI. Hire painter who can really paint those actions shots
      • XII. Speech thanking wedding guests
      • XIII. Kosher meats


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