"Your moment of glory will come young Galavant. Be patient, be ready and also... never get married."

Arnold Galavant is a supporting character on ABC's TV show Galavant. He is the father of Gary Galavant. His first appearance was in "My Cousin Izzy". He is portrayed by actors Anthony Head in "My Cousin Izzy" and Greg Wise in About Last Knight.


Arnold Galavant was a knight married to a woman he both loved and hated. Together they had a child named Galavant whom Arnold believed was destined to be a hero just like him. He taught his son his beliefs of what makes a great hero which Galavant dutifully followed into his adulthood. On one day Arnold arrived home to find his son crying because his chain mail had been stolen by his peers. He gently admonished his son for the tears and reminded him that a hero must never cry or show emotion. Arnold told him that such feelings were a distraction and could cause him to miss his "moment". This was a predestined time when he would show the world his true worth. While talking to his son Arnold was interupted by his wife. She yelled at him that they had run out of firewood and she needed him to grab some more. Arnold reluctantly did as she asked and grabbed an ax to start chopping wood. As he left he reassured his son that his moment would come and told him to just be patient. Arnold also added that Galavant should never get married.


Arnold Galavant was obliquely referenced by his son Galavant when he discussed his upbringing to Isabella. He described his parents dysfunctional yet passionate relationship and how it inspired him at the age of eight to forsake the idea of love and focus on bettering himself. He also mentioned how he was unable to keep his vow since genetically he came from a long family of lovers and, like his parents before him, when he eventually fell in love with Madalena he fell hard ("Pilot"). Sometime afterwards once Galavant and his party reached the kingdom of Valencia, they were all captured by King Richard. While incarcerated in the castle's dungeon, Galavant recalled a conversation he had with his father some thirty years ago. They were discussing a hero's big "moment" to shine and Galavant believed saving himself and his fellow prisoners would be his. When Isabella briefly interrupted his interlude Galavant imagined he heard his father tell him not to marry her. As his father instructed him, he tuned out everything around him and focused on that task. This caused him to ignore the very friends and allies he was trying to save. Galavant didn't realize what he was doing until Madalena mockingly pointed out how he was mindlessly following his father's teachings. When a serendipitous oppurtunity presented itself for Galavant to kill both Kingsley and King Richard he imagined his fathers voice again urging him to seize the moment. Instead he opted to prevent Isabella from eating a food he knew she was allergic to and apologized for having ignored her. He then declared his father Arnold was wrong and that a hero doesn't need to hide his feelings ("My Cousin Izzy").



  • Greg Wise replaced Anthony Head as Arnold in Season 2, due to Anthony's busy theater schedule. [1]