• Coethedragon


    A New Season aka Suck It Cancellation Bear

    I may have already watched and listened to A New Season a ridiculous amount of times but seeing it for real was so very exciting. (I totally didn't cry when Madalena showed up again) I really do like Richard. I get him. I watched Season 1 again on Saturday to prepare again and I didnt realize how much I get Richard.

    But anyway, Kylie Minogue was amazing of course. I LOVED her dress and heels. Also her hair?? HOW DO YOU DO IT? Not super into that scene yet I've listened to the song 60+ times according to iTunes so...

    I'd like to thank the LGBT gods for some queer characters for once. I'm afraid that was all we're getting...but it's something. We got a confirmed queer Jean Hamm out…

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