"Galavant (End Reprise)" is a reprise of "Galavant" sung by the Jester at the end of the Pilot.

Galavant Theme - Jester's Reprise

Galavant Theme - Jester's Reprise


Jester: And so begins our plot
Of which there's quite a lot
With Isabella stringing Galavant
And with the evil king
Prepared to do his thing
And with the queen still pretty sure he can't

And with Gal about to start his journey
One, though twisty and immensely turney
Oh, it's lots of plot, we know,
But, anyway, heigh-ho!
We're off and here we go!
Come back for our next show
To see what's next for Gaaaaaaaa-laaaaaaaaaa-vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant!!!

Alternate version

In the original trailer, the lyrics stated "come back for next week's show." The lyrics were changed to reflect the double episode airing format of the show.


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