"Galavant Wrap Up" is a reprise of "Galavant" sung by the Jester at the end of It's All in the Executions.

Galavant Season Wrap Up Song00:46

Galavant Season Wrap Up Song


Jester: Our season ends right there
With questions everywhere
Like will the princess waste her whole life waiting?
Will Gareth and the Queen
Rule the entire scene?
Will all the singing kill our Nielsen ratings?

Sid, the peasants, the entire crew,
Will they be back for Season two?
Who knows?
But if there are more shows,
Then off our hero goes,
And so the legend grows,
The legend known as Gaaaaaaaa-laaaaaaaaaa-vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant!!!


"Goodnight My Friend Reprise"
Song Next:
"A New Season"

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