"Goodnight My Friend" is a lullaby sung by King Richard in It's All in the Executions.

Galavant - Goodnight My Friend01:48

Galavant - Goodnight My Friend


Lay by my side, and we'll sail away
Off to the shores of another day
All set to go once I hear you say
Goodnight my friend, until the morning

Up we will float as we close our eyes
Stars all around us like fireflies
Just me and you drifting through the skies
Goodnight my friend

Not a thought
Not a care
Resting safe and sound
With each other there

And so we'll rock on a nighttime ride
Cozy and warm on the rolling tide
Till we arrive on the morning side
Our journey's end

Sleep tight
We're gonna be all right
Goodnight my friend

"Secret Mission"
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