Home & Family is a morning show on The Hallmark Channel hosted by Mark Steines and Christina Ferrare. Timothy Omundson and Karen David each appeared on the show to promote Galavant.

January 9, 2015

Timothy Omundson (King Richard) returned to promote another musical (he and Maggie Lawson had previously appeared to promote their musical episode of Psych). He discussed how he had very clear ideas of how he'd portray Richard from the moment he read the script, the fact that the show was like nothing else on television, the surrealism of shooting in authentic locations, and his daughter's love for Alan Menken.

Timothy Omundson on Home And Family (01 09 2015)07:45

Timothy Omundson on Home And Family (01 09 2015)

January 22, 2015

Karen David (Isabella) makes her first appearance on the show. She discussed her unusual upbringing, inviting her family to visit the set of Galavant, she flaunted the Jewel of Valencia and then sang Love is Strange.

Karen stuck around for additional segments in which they made floral lampshades, seed starter kits and discussed hair trends.

January 18, 2016

A year after her first appearance, Karen David returned to promote the show again. She also discussed her music career, her unique proposal story and then performed her song "Daydreamer."

As with her previous appearance, Karen wasn't exclusively featured in her interview, she joined the hosts for a variety of other segments in the show.

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