"I Don't Like You" is a song sung by Madalena and Isabella in Do the D’Dew.

Galavant "I Don't Like You"01:35

Galavant "I Don't Like You"


Jester: Yes! Catfight!
Gareth: Finally. I've been waiting two seasons for this.

Madalena: I don't like you
Isabella: I really don't like you
Madalena: I really
Isabella: Really
Madalena: Really
Isabella: Really
Madalena + Isabella: Want you gone
This won't surprise you
But I despise you
You want to see, step to me, 'cause it's on

Madalena: I'm thinner, cooler, clearly much crueler
And check out the bling
I'm your Kingdom's new ruler
Gareth: Boom!
Madalena: Got a jeweler to pimp out your crown
Isabella: This serf may be up but I'm taking you down
Jester: Oh, yeah!

Isabella: Enough pleasantry, you're Queen presently
But, hon, you're just one of the peasantry
Kosher as bacon and fakin' the funk
Madalena: You'll just have to deal
Isabella: Oh, I'll deal with you, punk

I'm smarter, tougher, my biceps are buffer
Your clever, whatever
I'm clever enough-er
Madalena: Except as a kisser
I've heard you're the worst
Isabella: I still got the guy
Madalena: But I had him first
Isabella: That's not all you've had, now, is it?
The whole feudal system has paid you a visit
Madalena: Yet it's you who's now royally screwed
Isabella: You think so, ho?
Madalena: I know so, prude

Let's see
I've got the sharper weapons
Isabella: Yeah, right.
Madalena: I've got the fiercer horde
Isabella: Right, but -
Madalena: I've got your booty pinned against the wall
Isabella: I've got the –
Madalena: You've got nothing.
Isabella: I've got the – the hero sword!
That's right, the one king to unite them all
Madalena: You don't have the bearer of the one true –
Isabella: Oh, I most certainly do. Don't I, Jester?
Jester: Uh, yeah. Word up?
Madalena: I don't like you
Isabella: I really don't like you
Madalena + Isabella: You really, really, really, really cross the line
And soon your castle and your ass’ll be mine
I don't like you

Isabella: I will see you on the battlefield.



  • According to lyricist Glenn Slater, this song was influenced by the hit Broadway musical Hamilton, which tells the life of Alexander Hamilton in the music style of Rap and R&B. The musical features a number of rap battles similar to this particular song.[1]
  • Although she has an extensive background as a singer, Karen David was "scared to death" when she learned she'd have to rap.[2]


  2. BWW Exclusive: GALAVANT's Karen David Talks Final Episode, Season 3 Plans, and More!
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