"These pirates will take the King back to his kingdom where he'll be safe."
—Gareth, "It's All in the Executions"

King Richard's Kingdom is the country King Richard rules over. Control of the land passed to him after his father passed and his elder brother refused the crown. It's first appearance was in the Season One episide "Pilot".


When the first king (King Richard's father) passed away he attended a ceremony in which his elder brother Kingsley was going to be sworn in as King. However, Kingsley refused preferring not to be handed his own rule. Richard was chosen next after he announced his presence to the gathered crowd with a fart.

As he grew into adulthood his hobbies as King included raising taxes and upsetting the poor people. Richard and Madalena got married and later planned on conquering Valencia.


  • There are three castles (including the one above) depicted in the opening song "Galavant" which do appear different in structure, although these could all be different angles of the same castle:
  • The castle's gate and great hall are filmed in Berkeley Castle in the UK.[1]


  1. The Libutti Mission: Berkeley Castle and Film Set - September 19, 2015

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