"Moment in the Sun #1" is a song sung by Sir Arnold, Galavant's father in My Cousin Izzy. He is interrupted by his wife before the big finish.

Galavant - Moment In The Sun (Take 1)00:43

Galavant - Moment In The Sun (Take 1)


Arnold: A man waits all his lifetime for one moment to arrive
The moment he is destined for at birth
The moment he will show the world the reason he's alive
And prove to one and all what he is worth

And when that moment comes,
You'll hear the sound of drums

And then at last you'll know
This is your moment in the s-

Galavant's Mom: Arnold! You lousy fat-ass! We're out of firewood!

"Love is Strange"
Song Next:
"Moment in the Sun #2"

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