"Moment in the Sun #2" is a song sung by Galavant in My Cousin Izzy. He is interrupted by a guard before the big finish.

Galavant - Moment In The Sun (Take 2)00:35

Galavant - Moment In The Sun (Take 2)


Galavant: I've waited all my lifetime for one moment to arrive
The moment I was destined for at birth
The moment I would show the world the reason I'm alive
And prove to one and all what I am worth

And now that moment's here
It's calling loud and clear

My time at last has come
This is my moment in the sun!
This is my-

Jailer: Up to the throne room now, all of you!
Galavant: Brilliant. Thanks.

"Moment in the Sun #1"
Song Next:
"A Happy Ending for Us"

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