"My Dragon Pal and Me" is a song sung by King Richard in Giants vs. Dwarves. It's reprised at the end of the episode and a brief instrumental reprisal is also utilized during the "Season 2 Finale" song in The One True King (To Unite Them All).

Galavant "My Dragon Pal and Me"01:46

Galavant "My Dragon Pal and Me"


King Richard: Hey little fella, I know just what you're thinking
Nobody gets you, or sees what you could be
Chorus: Ahh ahh ahh ahh
King Richard: But pluck up your courage and turn that frown up
Chorus: Da da
King Richard: Soon we will eat this entire town up
Chorus: Da da
King Richard: Then they'll believe in my dragon pal and me!
Chorus: Oooo oooo oooo oooo
Da doo doo doo doo doo doo da
Da doo doo doo Dragon pal!

King Richard: That's right little fella, we'll leave those doubters blinking
Chorus: Da doo doo doo doo doo doo da
King Richard: We're gonna show 'em a thing, or two, or three
Chorus: We'll show 'em a thing, or two, or three
King Richard: Imagine the wonder that we'll inspire
Chorus: Ahh ahh ahh oooo
King Richard:When we are setting their heads on fire
Then we'll be even, my dragon pal and me!
Chrous: Da doo doo doo
Da doo doo doo

King Richard: We'll rise up!
Chorus: My dragon pal and me!
King Richard: And open their eyes up!
We'll light the skies up!
Chorus: Light the skies!
King Richard: And rain destruction and death on their wives and kids!
Chorus: Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba!

King Richard: So when, little fella, you feel your heart is sinking
Chorus: When you feel your heart is sinking!
King Richard: Just you remember one day we'll make them see
Chorus: Then they'll see!
King Richard: And when they are watching, completely flipped out
King Richard + Chorus: As their intestines are being ripped out!
King Richard: They'll all look up to us then, I guarantee!
Chorus: Ahh ahh ahh ahh!
King Richard + Chorus: Then they'll believe!
King Richard: In my dragon pal and me!
Chorus: Da doo doo doo doo doo doo da
Da doo doo doo

King Richard: They'll believe in me
They'll believe


  • According to lyricist Glenn Slater, this song was inspired by a real life event, where Glenn and his wife had to convince their kids to eat meatloaf. In order to do so, they made up a fake 1960's sitcom called Tina and the Meatloaf, about Tina and her meatloaf pal, complete with a theme song in the style of That Girl. Glenn and Alan Menken tried several different approaches for this song, until Glenn suddenly remembered Tina and the Meatloaf, realizing how perfect it would be to have a sunshine-y and innocent old sitcom theme song sequence for Richard and Tad Cooper.[1]


  1. Stay 2uned - A Real Earworm: Behind the Music of Galavant
"What Am I Feeling"
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