"My Dragon Pal and Me Reprise" is a song sung by King Richard, Galavant, Roberta, Madalena, Gareth, Sid and Isabella in Giants vs. Dwarves.

Galavant 'My Dragon Pal and Me Reprise'

Galavant 'My Dragon Pal and Me Reprise'


King Richard: Hey little buddy, you know what I believe in?
Galavant: I think we're gonna pull through
King Richard: Me too!
Roberta: Me three

Madalena + Gareth: Yes, I believe something might just have started...
Sid: And I believe I'll be joining the dear departed

Isabella: And I believe I have a wedding planner to see
Better believe it...
His ass belongs to me!


"Dwarves Vs Giants"
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