"My Dragon Pal and Me Reprise" is a song sung by King Richard, Galavant, Roberta, Madalena, Gareth, Sid and Isabella in Giants vs. Dwarves.

Galavant 'My Dragon Pal and Me Reprise'00:39

Galavant 'My Dragon Pal and Me Reprise'


King Richard: Hey little buddy, you know what I believe in?
Galavant: I think we're gonna pull through
King Richard: Me too!
Roberta: Me three

Madalena + Gareth: Yes, I believe something might just have started...
Sid: And I believe I'll be joining the dear departed

Isabella: And I believe I have a wedding planner to see
Better believe it...
His ass belongs to me!


"Dwarves Vs Giants"
Song Next:
"Today We Rise"

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