Princess Jubilee's Kingdom is a kingdom ruled by the punk princess Jubilee.


Princess Jubilee's Kingdom is nearest in location to the kingdom of Hortensia. It is also directly west of the kingdom of Bitches. It is also notable that it is south of King Richard's (former) Kingdom. It is assumed to be the farthest known place from Galavant's Village.


During the time of leading up to Isabella's wedding of her cousin Harry, Isabella(still under mind control from Wormwood's crown) went to Princess Jubilee's Kingdom. Once Isabella arrIved, she asked Princess Jubilee why Jubilee didn't respond to her wedding invitation. Princess Jubilee explained(musically of course) to Isabella that she is a "Different Kind of Princess," signifying that she has no use for weddings and things of that sort. While her and her servants dance to the song "Different Kind of Princess" they accidentally knock of Princess Isabella's magical mind controlling crown.

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