"Grab the horses, Pup-Pup"
—Roberta, "Aw, Hell, the King"

Roberta Steingas is the companion to Galavant and Richard on ABC's show Galavant. She is portrayed Clare Foster. Her first appearance is in the episode Aw, Hell, the King.


At the age of 7, Roberta was forced to be playmates with the relatively older Richard (him being 13). However, though the arrangement was one of servitude on Roberta's part, she remained loyal to the King. She was a peasant of King Richard's Kingdom though her occupation is unknown. In Aw, Hell, the King, she is the only one to join Galavant and Richard in their "army" to rescue Isabella. She is first revealed to have an unrequited childhood crush on Richard in Bewitched, Bothered and Belittled after their botched "date". But in Love and Death, she reveals her feelings to Richard, to her surprise he returns her affections. In Do the D’Dew, they begin a relationship, however toward the end of the episode, Roberta gives Richard an ultimatum. Because, she can't watch him die in the battle as he surely will die a gruesome death, she asks him to run away with her. He refuses the offer as he can't let Galavant down. She tells him they can no longer be with each other and they end their relationship, but after the big battle at the end, he rides off to find her and they end up marrying.

Character History

Season 2

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