"Season 2 Finale" is a song sung by Confessional Monk, Galavant, Isabella, the Monks, Gwynne, Chef, King of Valencia, Queen of Valencia, Jester, Gareth, and Sid in The One True King (To Unite Them All). It features reprises of "Hey, Hey, We're the Monks", "A New Season", "Galavant", and instrumental reprises of "World's Best Kiss" and "My Dragon Pal and Me."

Galavant "Season 2 Finale"03:46

Galavant "Season 2 Finale"


Confessional Monk: Do you, your Highness, take this male model to be your wedded-
Isabella: I do.
Confessional Monk: Do you, good sir, take your social superior to be your wedded-
Galavant: Yes, I do.

Confessional Monk: For richer, for poorer,
In sickness and health
Through rampaging Vikings
And cannibal elves,
Through hobbits, and bikers,
And dolphins with lasers,
And mutants, and lawyers,
Sid: Oh my God! Just kiss the bride!

Confessional Monk: So there's the ever after,
As promised all along
Who better now to wrap it up
And seal it with a song?
Except the monks
And hey, we're the monks!
Monks: We're the monks!

Confessional Monk: That's right, we're the genre bending,
Twitter trending,
Bringing you the happy ending monks...!

Gwynne: And a new season bursts all over the land
Chef: With new hope-
Gwynne: Despite the whole feudal system

King of Valencia + Queen of Valencia: The true rulers reassumed their command
Jester: The old tyrants?
Frankly, nobody missed 'em

Gareth: The winners, they took all,
And all the losers, they got squat
Hey friend. I've decided to go and rescue Madalena from herself. Are you up for an adventure?
Sid: Definitely! I was wondering when I was going to break this armor in!
And those who had redeemed themselves
All got a second shot
I've got a line in the song! They fina-

Isabella: And two heroes got to hang up their swords
Galavant: To live life, enjoying simple rewards...

Confessional Monk: And true evil disappeared
Within a cloud of minor chords...
Ha ha ha ha ha! Ah ha ha ha!

Madalena: I'm here to see the DEL. The Dark Evil Lord.
Dark Lord's Assistant: He's been waiting for you.
Madalena: What is this? Does it hold the dark powers of the universe?
Dark Lord's Assistant: Oh, sorry, no. I can see why you thought that. No, he just thinks you need to accessorize. He's also a fashion consultant. Now come in, and he will begin your training to make you the most powerful force in the seven realms.
Madalena: Nothing will stop me now.

Confessional Monk: And now we're almost done,
Our tale completely spun,
As buffed and polished as a royal jewel
There's not much left to tell,
And hey, that's just as well,
Unless we get one more surprise renewal
We'll prob'ly have to go and get work
On some cheap-ass cable network,
The door is not quite shut!
So if we make the cut,
Here's what you'll see on Galavant...

Roberta: Time to feed Tad Cooper. You know he only eats if you feed him.
King Richard: He's such a finicky little fellow. *Whistles* Oh, Tad Cooper...dinner time
(Tad Cooper roars and breaths fire)
King Richard: I have a dragon!


"A Real Life, Happily Ever After
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