Galavant Season 2 Soundtrack

"Galavant Season 2 (Original Television Soundtrack)" is an album which was digitally released by Hollywood Records on January 29, 2016.[1]

Due to harsh criticism of the incomplete Season 1 Soundtrack, this album includes the previously-released digital singles and virtually all of the additional songs plus a digital booklet. Four short reprises, however, were omitted (as well as Sid's Lullaby), and a few tracks are arranged out of sequence.

Track Listing

# Title Length Episode
1 A New Season 4:14 A New Season aka Suck It Cancellation Bear
2 Off With His Shirt 2:17 A New Season aka Suck It Cancellation Bear
3 World's Best Kiss 1:44 World's Best Kiss
4 Let's Agree to Disagree 1:40 World's Best Kiss
5 Build a New Tomorrow 1:49 Aw, Hell, the King
6 The Happiest Day of Your Life 2:24 Aw, Hell, the King
7 If I Were a Jolly Blacksmith 2:13 Aw, Hell, the King
8 As Good as it Gets 2:05 Bewitched, Bothered and Belittled
9 Serenade (aka Maybe You Won't Die Alone) 2:07 Bewitched, Bothered and Belittled
10 What Am I Feeling 2:14 Bewitched, Bothered and Belittled
11 My Dragon Pal and Me 1:42 Giants vs. Dwarves
12 Different Kind of Princess 1:51 Giants vs. Dwarves
13 Dwarves vs. Giants 1:52 Giants vs. Dwarves
14 Today We Rise 2:10 About Last Knight
15 He Was There 1:29 About Last Knight
16 Time Is Of The Essence 1:30 Love and Death
17 Goodbye 2:40 Love and Death
18 Love Makes the World Brand New 1:32 Love and Death
19 I Don't Like You 1:36 Do the D'DEW
20 Finally 2:04 Do the D'DEW
21 A Dark Season 1:09 Do the D'DEW
22 Galavant Recap 2:04 Battle of The Three Armies
23 A Good Day to Die 3:13 Battle of The Three Armies
24 Do the D'DEW 1:48 Battle of The Three Armies
25 Will My Day Ever Come 2:10 The One True King (To Unite Them All)
26 A Real Life, Happily Ever After 2:23 The One True King (To Unite Them All)
27 A Good Day to Die (Reprise) 1:12 Battle of The Three Armies
28 Season 2 Finale 3:51 The One True King (To Unite Them All)

Digital Booklets

Galavant Season 2 Soundtrack Digital Booklet Covers

Those who purchase the complete album from amazon[2] or iTunes[3] recieve a pdf digital booklet featuring 9 pages of photos and credits. There's a complete list of musicians, but not all of the singers are credited (most notably the uncredited group of orphans in About Last Knight).

Lyrics were not included in the booklet with the album, instead it includes an address to download an additional 30-page "Lyric Book" pdf from the Hollywood Records website.[4] The cover page is identical, but the lyric book includes no additional photos.

Notable Deviations

In various instances, the songs deviate from the versions which appear in the episodes, with slightly different lyrics, sound mixes, and vocal takes.

  • A New Season - This version includes the studio vocals during the Brady Bunch roll-call moment; in the episode they used the live takes.
  • Off With His Shirt - The vocals remain the same, but the sound mix is different. An entirely different third sound mix was utilized in a clip circulated by Entertainment Tonight.
  • World's Best Kiss - The studio vocals are utilized; in the episode they primarily used the on-set takes.
  • Let's Agree to Disagree - The studio vocals are utilized; in the episode they were mixed with the on-location takes. Sid's part is completely omitted.
  • The Happiest Day of Your Life - The sound mix differs, many of Isabella's spoken lines are omitted, and Chester Wormwood's power-mad rant ends differently.
  • If I Were a Jolly Blacksmith - The studio vocals are utilized; in the episode they were mixed with the on-location takes. There are also several lyrical differences.
  • Serenade - Richard and Roberta's lines were recorded in-studio; in the episode they used their on-set takes.
  • Goodbye - The sound mix is different; some on-set takes were used in the episode.
  • Do the D'DEW - Includes an additional verse which was omitted from the episode.

Omitted Songs

Album Credits

Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Glenn Slater
Published by Buena Vista Music Company (BMI)
and Touchstone Pictures Music & Songs, Inc. (ASCAP)

Soundtrack Album Produced by Alan Menken and Glenn Slater
Original Songs Produced by Michael Kosarin
Songs Recorded and Mixed by Frank Wolf

Songs Orchestrated by Michael Starobin

“A New Season” and “Off with His Shirt (feat. Kylie Minogue)”
Orchestrated by Doug Besterman

“World’s Best Kiss” and “A Real Life Happily Ever After”
Orchestrated by Jonathan Tunick

“The Happiest Day of Your Life (feat. Robert Lindsay),”
“As Good As It Gets,” “Dwarves vs. Giants” and “Galavant Recap”
Orchestrated by Ned Ginsburg

“Serenade,” “My Dragon Pal and Me,” “Goodbye (feat. Eddie Marsan),” “Finally,”
“Do the D’Dew” and “Will My Day Ever Come (feat. Alfie Simmons)”
Orchestrated by Danny Troob

“Time Is of the Essence”
Orchestrated by Kevin Kliesch

“I Don’t Like You”
Orchestrated by Adam Gubman

“A Good Day to Die,” “Season 2 Finale (feat. Weird Al Yankovic),”
“A Good Day to Die (Reprise)”
Orchestrated by Larry Hockman

Songs Conducted by Michael Kosarin

Music Editor, Production/Songs: Christopher Brooks
Vocal Coaching by Eric Vetro, Valerie Morehouse, Mark Etherington
Songs Contracted by David Low
Assistant Song Contractor: Connie Boylan

Songs Recorded and Mixed at Eastwood Scoring Stage & The Barbra Streisand Scoring Stage

Executives in Charge of Music for ABC Studios: Dawn Solér, Peter DiCecco
Business Affairs for ABC Studios: Jeff Lowy
Mastered by Patricia Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA


Role Names
Orchestra Contractor David Low
Assistant Contractor Connie Boylan
Orchestra Conductor Michael Kosarin
Violin Bruce Dukov, Concertmaster

Julie Gigante, Principal 2nd
Eun-Mee Ahn, Armen Anassian, Jackie Brand, Roberto Cani, Kevin Connolly, Nina Evtuhov, Jessica Guideri, Maia Jasper, Ana Landauer, Phillip Levy, Lorand Lokuszta, Serena McKinney, Mitch Newman, Neli Nikolaeva, Alyssa Park, Rafael Rishik, Susan Rishik, Mark Robertson, Tereza Stanislav, Sarah Thornblade

Viola Brian Dembow, Principal

Victor de Almeida, Andrew Duckles, Alma Fernandez, Shawn Mann, Luke Maurer, Simon Oswell, Laura Pearson, Cassandra Lynne Richburg, Carolyn Riley, David Walther

Cello Steve Erdody, Principal

Dennis Karmazyn, Jacob Braun, Vanessa Freebairn-Smith

String Bass Nico Abondolo, Principal

Mike Valerio

Flute Heather Clark, Principal

Dan Higgins, Amy Tatum

Oboe Chris Bleth, Principal
Clarinet Stuart Clark, Principal

Phil O’Connor

Bassoon/Contrabassoon Rose Corrigan, Principal
Saxophone Rusty Higgins, Greg Huckins
French Horn Steve Becknell, Principal

James Thatcher, Mark Adams, Laura Brenes, Dylan Hart, Daniel Kelley, Jenny Kim

Trumpet Rob Schaer, Principal

Marissa Benedict, Wayne Bergeron, Tony Bonsera, Dan Fornero, Jon Lewis, Michael Stever, David Washburn

Trombone Alan Kaplan, Principal

Juliane Gralle, Alex Iles, Andy Martin, Charlie Morillas

Harp Gayle Levant, Principal
Piano Randy Kerber, Principal
Guitar George Doering, Principal

John Goux, David Levita

Electric Bass Bart Samolis
Percussion Wade Culbreath, Principal

M.B. Gordy, Michael Englander, Brian Kilgore

Timpani Don Williams
Drums Peter Erskine, Bernie Dresel


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