"Stand Up" is a song performed by off-screen by guest singer, Sebastian Bach. It serves as the training montage song in Joust Friends.

Galavant Stand Up02:01

Galavant Stand Up


There comes a time in every tale
When the hero must prevail
Gonna be an epic fail
Unless you show some pluck
Once the training sequence starts
You gotta grow some manly parts
I'm talking big ones-off the charts!
Or else the plot will suck!

So stand up!
And go for glory
Stand up!
Or there is no story
Stand up!
Don't let your legend suck

Isabella (spoken while watching Galavant dump a bucket of water over his head): Damn!

Now you're lookin' pumped and cut
And it's time to check your gut
Gotta kick your rival's butt
It all ends here, if not
Soon the battle will begin
And you better be all in
'Cause if you don't fight and win
There really is no plot

So stand up!
And go for glory
Stand up!
Or there is no story
Stand up!
Stand up now!

NOTE: While the last stanza of this song is sung, Isabella and Galavant exchange the following spoken lines:
Isabella: I think you're ready!
Galavant: And if I'm not?
Isabella: *beat* Let me worry about that.



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