A New Season aka Suck It Cancellation Bear

I may have already watched and listened to A New Season a ridiculous amount of times but seeing it for real was so very exciting. (I totally didn't cry when Madalena showed up again) I really do like Richard. I get him. I watched Season 1 again on Saturday to prepare again and I didnt realize how much I get Richard.

But anyway, Kylie Minogue was amazing of course. I LOVED her dress and heels. Also her hair?? HOW DO YOU DO IT? Not super into that scene yet I've listened to the song 60+ times according to iTunes so...

I'd like to thank the LGBT gods for some queer characters for once. I'm afraid that was all we're getting...but it's something. We got a confirmed queer Jean Hamm out of it AND Richard's father is confirmed queer as well, which is nice. You go "Uncle" Keith. (Also that groan after Gal said "She's waiting - Yes she" was also me)

Madalena was fabulous as usual. No costume change for once! It was such a gorgeous dress... Gareth taking initiative that just warms my heart. You claim that crown. You stand up to Madalena. (Proud mom moment right there) Poor Sid is just there and that's really it.

On the Hortensia front, Izzy's parents are a tad crazy. Besides the cousin thing because that was a thing that happened a lot, he's eleven?? Is that not weird? I really liked how much Gwynne was in this episode. Confirmed feminist characters totals five now! That's over half of the main characters! 

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