"Will My Day Ever Come" is a song sung by King Richard and his younger self in The One True King (To Unite Them All).

Galavant 'Will My Day Ever Come'02:07

Galavant 'Will My Day Ever Come'


Young Richard: Will my day ever come?
Will my moment arrive?
Will I ever be more
Then just some poor, fat loser?
Do I ever become the hero?
Will I wed the girl I love?
Am I going to get to touch her boobs?

King Richard: I’m not telling you, you’re a child!
Young Richard: What? Who are you?
King Richard: I’m you! In the future.

Young Richard: Cool!
Will I be a good king?
King Richard: Not really
Young Richard: Loved by all that I rule?
King Richard: Nope, sorry
Young Richard: Do I stand up and fight
For truth and right
And good?
King Richard: Let’s see now — no, no, no
Young Richard: Will I go on some grand adventures—
King Richard: Well...
Young Richard: With my closest, bestest chum?
King Richard: Not exactly
Young Richard: When will that day come?

King Richard: It’s never gonna come, is it?

Young Richard: Is it hopeless?
King Richard: Am I useless?
Young Richard + King Richard: Are we doomed to be completely lame?
King Richard: Will my star ever rise?
Will my life ever change?
Am I destined to be
Achievement-free forever?
I don’t need all my dreams to happen—
Or a bunch, or even some
Will my day ever come?



"A Good Day to Die (Reprise)"
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