Your Mother is a Whore is a song written by Alan Menken and Glenn Slater[1][2][3] which was intended to used during the bar scene in the episode About Last Knight.

The song was so wildly risqué that it would have included a whopping 57 bleeps (the record for ABC is 22 bleeps in an hour),[4] so the network put the kibosh on the tune before the cast could make a proper recording.

Menken's demo was played for those who attended the Galavant panel at SF Sketchfest 2016, along with the similarly shocking original demo for Build a New Tomorrow.[4]

The demo is included in The Unreleased Collection and The Complete Collection, both released in 2017. The central gag is that Gareth and Madalena are trying to pick a fight with the bar patrons, but they're so terrified of the king and queen that they just one-up the insults to their own mothers (and other relatives) in increasingly absurd and disgusting ways. Though we can only guess how...

There was never an uncensored version of the lyric -- the bleeps are written into the song from the beginning.


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